Roofing Tear-Offs

A roof tear-off is often necessary when replacing a roof. In many cities and towns, codes require a tear-off rather than adding additional layers on top of one.   Intermountain West Contractors keeps track of codes that apply to installing new roofs over existing ones and will advise you about the pertinent laws that apply to your location.

Tearing off a roof can be difficult work and occasionally dangerous. We have seen and heard about accidents such as someone falling through a rotted section of roof or off a roof, or being injured by flying material. For that reason, we discourage enthusiastic DIY-ers from attempting roof removals on their own. In addition, tear-off materials need to be disposed of properly according to city ordinance. At Intermountain West Contractors, we pride ourselves on keeping a clean construction site, which means you won’t be finding roofing nails or parts of shingles in your yard after we remove your old roof – or after we install a new one, for that matter!

Do You Know What’s Underneath That Damaged Roof?

Roofs are replaced because they are damaged or worn to a point where damage is imminent. Unless you are putting a new roof over a concrete one, building a new roof directly on top of a damaged one could make an existing problem worse, not to mention voiding any warranties.

What’s underneath that old roof? Did water leak into the construction below? Is there evidence of rot? What about a possible termite infestation? Covering an old problematic roof could compromise the new one’s effectiveness.

Unless there is a tear-off, there is no way to know if a new roof is covering up an old problem that needs to be repaired.

Roof Tear-Off Benefits

In addition to allowing a very thorough inspection of your roof deck and attic, here are a few more additional benefits from roof tear-offs

  • Houses and buildings with a single roof, rather than layered roofs on top of one another, translate better resale values. Not only that, but a potential sale may actually fall through at inspection time since layering is considered undesirable by most inspectors and homebuyers.
  • It is much easier to inspect and repair eaves, sidewalls, and chimneys after an old roof is torn out.
  • Tearing off layers of old roofing lets the roofer install new, stronger support beams for the new roof, which can extend its life and energy efficiency.
  • Most quality roofing manufactures offer a roofing system rather than just roof shingles. A roofing system is comprised of interacting components that work together to weatherproof your building and provide you with a roof that lasts much longer than applying shingles alone.

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